Autumn Crafts For The Home

Autumn Crafts For The Home

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it seems autumn is upon us. After a non-show summer, it’s time to dig out the jumper, boots and winter coats in preparation for rustling winds that billow our hair around our heads and have us battling the elements as soon as we stop out of the house. Last year I really enjoyed bringing the outdoors into the home and adding some fun and cosy elements to recognise the changing of the season. With falling leaves, conkering and the harvest festival to look forward to, not to mention the C-word just around the corner, why not enjoy the season from the comfort of your home?

The only problem is a lot of these decorations can be expensive. Yankee candles, garlands and wreaths all mount up, not to mention any larger pieces you might set your sights on. Of course if you are really struggling there’s always the option of a guarantor loan, but as an alternative to stretching the purse strings, here are a few ideas I’ve put together for what you can do on a budget.

Autumn Garland

Save yourself some pennies and instead of buying a garland make your own. Not to mention the extra fun of enjoying some time outdoors collecting the leaves. I made one myself last year, and the children loved picking out the perfect leaves and then decorating them at home. We simply used glitter glue to swirl patterns on the leaves and then I strung them up on string and hung them across my unit in the living room. They last us a good couple of months and it was a lovely little touch to acknowledge the outdoor elements.

Scented Pinecones

This looks like such a lovely little craft I will definitely be giving it a go this year. Simply gather your pinecones, place them in the oven for an hour to open them and kill any bugs, place in a resealable bag with an essential oil of your choice and leave for a week or two so the oil infuses. Display them in a nice bowl or jar for a lovely autumn touch for the both the sight and smell!


Leaf Print

This could be done for any season, but really stands out for autumn. Using glue or tape, write whatever words you want on your print then choose some seasonal colours for your paint. You can use brushes, sponges or even fingers to put on the paint in whichever way you chose, then peel off the tape and leave it dry before hanging.


Autumn Mantle

When you go pumpkin picking this Halloween, don’t just look out for the big ones, as the smaller versions can make gorgeous ornaments. Simply spray them whichever colour you like (wouldn’t they look great in gold!), let them dry and then display – easy!


Make Your Own Candles

Whilst scened candles are lovely, and come in all sorts of autumn scents, they can be on the pricey side. Did you know with minimal effort you could make your own? Follow this tutorial and you could have some beautiful scented candles made by your own fair hands.

So that’s it, my ideas to fill your own with a lovely autumn feel! If you are looking for more tips and crafts, head over to my pinterest board for lots of ideas!

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