The Cost Of Tying The Knot – For Your Guests

The Cost Of Tying The Knot – For Your Guests

It has been nine years since Mr H and I said ‘I Do’ and whilst some things in the wedding industry have changed a lot, style in particular, some things haven’t and one of those is the cost. I won’t disclose what we spent ourselves but the average cost of a wedding today is £24000, which is an enormous amount when you consider it’s just one day.

Mr H and I on our big day

However what a lot of us don’t think about it how much it will cost our guests. A new survey from Experian reveals guests can spend over £2000 to attend a wedding, which is a staggering amount when you think it’s not even their day. Things like stag or hen dos, outfits, transport and hotels all bump up the cost and financial pressure, and research suggest there is an average of one person per wedding not attending due to being unable to meet the spiralling cost of being a wedding guest. It also goes on to reveal that 5% of guests have to borrow money to attend our big days.

So today I thought I’d put together a few ideas on how to keep those costs down for your guests, ensuring they can attend your nuptials worry free.

1. Offer alternative accommodation. Whilst most of the wedding party may stay in the same hotel as you, which is generally more expensive than your local Travelodge, that doesn’t mean your guests have to. Research nearby hotels and B&B’s guests can enquire at to cut the cost of their stay down.

2. Split the travel costs. If a lot of your guests are coming from the same area, it can be worth booking a minibus and splitting the cost between them. If there are several groups coming from different areas, put them in touch with one another and suggest they car share.

3. Watch your wedding list. If you are putting together a list of suggested gifts for your guests, make sure to pick items of varying price. That way those guests who are struggling to scape together enough for that widescreen TV you chose, have alternatives that suit their budget and still means they are able to treat you.

4. Consider the price of hen/stag dos. Whilst you may dream of a hen night in Barcelona the chances are a lot of your guests just won’t have the funds for a holiday just in your honour. If you really don’t want to do something in the UK, maybe arrange a night closer to home for those who can’t afford to fly abroad. If you’re feeling a bit more flexible then why not try something in the UK. Booking a lodge and splitting the cost can mean less total amount per person.

5. Accept you may receive some nos. Sometimes no matter what you do, your guests just simply won’t be able to afford to attend. Try not to take it personally and understand that everyone has things going on in their life that are important to them – maybe they’re saving up to buy a house, do some renovation work or go on that dream holiday? Suggest going for a meal another time as a mini celebration that doesn’t cost the earth, that way they can still be involved and you get to see everyone you’d wish to celebrate your big day with you.

*This post is brought to you in association with Experian.

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