Our Ravensburger Party

Our Ravensburger Party

Last week we took part in the Ravensburger puzzles twitter party, and it was so much fun! unfortunately none of our friends could make it (their party bags have been given out though) so we had a quiet party to ourselves. The children both love puzzles, though, so it was great to have some new ones to try, although out puzzle box is now overflowing!

We were sent a great selection of puzzles ranging from age 2 to 6 which was perfect for my three and four-year olds.

I think our favourite was the In and Out puzzle as it had so many pieces it kept my intellectual Miss H’s mind busy. We first separated all the pieces into characters and then worked on putting them together. Even Little J had a go at completing one of them, although it was a little older for him. Of course Miss H managed to complete it in speedy time on her second attempt!

We were also sent pass the parcel and lots of colouring to do. It was a lovely couple of hours, spending some one and one time with the children and they got some treats in to boot!

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