Picking The Right Tool For The Job

Picking The Right Tool For The Job

Are you wanting to get a bit more hands on in your home and maybe save yourself some money whilst you are at it? DIY isn’t just for big burly men anymore, by starting with some small repair projects and working your way up to the big creative stuff at your own pace, you can become your own handyperson, saving money in the process.


Here are ten key items to get you on your way to becoming a DIY master. 
Claw Hammer 
You can’t build a proper toolkit without a good old fashioned hammer at the helm. This age-old device is essential — get yourself a nice heavy one and let the weight do all the work. 
A decent electric drill is another must have piece of kit for fastening materials together. You can buy cordless or corded ones from any DIY shop without breaking the bank. Stay safe and wear protective glasses during use. 
Step Ladder 
OK so this won’t fit in your toolbox that easily but it’s very useful, especially if you’re not on the tall side. Find a sturdy ladder that folds away and can fit neatly in a utility cupboard — don’t look too hard, you’ll be able to find one at Tesco
There are a few different types of pliers — some have wire cutters etc. Get yourself a decent pair and you’ll be amazed at the usage you get out of them. Use them to hold nails in place whilst hammering if you think your aim might be a bit off! 
Tape Measure

Get your distances right with this classic household item. It can be really embarrassing if you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on a project and judged your distances incorrectly.

A good handsaw with a few different blades will make cutting things for small household projects a breeze. Perfect if you’re thinking of making a spice rack, altering a table or fixing up a tree house in the garden.

Spirit Level 
You’ve chopped, hammered, measured and all the rest of it, yet your shelves are still at a 45 degree angle. Buy a spirit level to straighten things out.

Ratchet Screwdriver
This is another essential DIY item. Try to find one with a selection of interchangeable parts so that you’re equipped for any screw-related problems.

Staple Gun 
This is a great item for making quick fixes around the house. Just make sure you don’t run out of staples or the thing is pretty useless!

Stanley Knife 
Cut with precision using a sharp Stanley Knife. You should get your hands on a sturdy cutting mat too. As with other items on this list, make sure to keep out of reach of children.

Common sense should guide you in most areas of DIY as well as a bit of light reading. Start building your dream home today with a brand new toolkit! Had any funny DIY disasters? Share your story with me comments below!

Images by barto and RLHyde, used under Creative Commons licence

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