Britmums Live 2015 – My Third Year

Britmums Live 2015 – My Third Year

Last weekend I attended the yearly blog conference, Britmums Live. For anyone who isn’t aware it is the UK’s largest parent blogger conference based in London and takes part over two days. It is attended by several hundred bloggers and there we get together, learn a bit and chat a bit more. For many is it the only time to see many of those we talk to online on a daily basis and it is also a sneaky break away from home and a chance to be ourselves for a couple of days.

Last year I came away from Britmums a little bit broken. It was all too much and I questioned whether I would return. But I did and at the end of it all realised I’d had a really great time.
I think attending the same event three years in a row can mean you see a lot of the same, and this definitely rang true for a few of us. The speakers and talks were very similar to previous years, so although I was hoping to take more away regarding my blog I didn’t really feel I had done that. The two sessions that stood out for me were more about emotional wellbeing – the keynote from Deliciously Ella who spoke to us about her own health troubles and how she overcame them by changing her diet completely; and the Embrace Happy session with Karin and Pippa which was deiniftly what I needed.

For myself this year’s Britmums was a lot calmer, less hurried and happier. I spent my time with good friends and we just meandered about, chatting to other friends, enjoying our surroundings and not putting too much pressure on ourselves to attend this session or speak to that brand. It was refreshing and I felt nowhere near as tired as I was expecting. In fact as I sit typing here, three days on from travelling down to London, I am still waiting for it to all hit me and floor me. So far so good.

Some of the lovely bloggers I spent time with (thanks to Laura for top left photo)

I’m not sure whether I will attend Britmums next year, I think it would be nice to mix it up a little. But I will definitely make an effort to spend any blog event with people I love and enjoy the company of and not feeling anxious to everything all at once.

It reminds me of the word I chose to represent me this year which was content. I think that pretty much sums up how I feel right now.

A huge thank you to my two lovely sponsors – Snoozeshade and Freckled Frog. I wouldn’t have been able to attend without you and I think you are both fantastic brands who I am proud to support. Please do go and have a look at both their sites for more info.

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