Sunuva: Children’s Swimwear Review

Sunuva: Children’s Swimwear Review

As you may have noticed I absolutely adore children’s clothing lately and dressing my two up is so much fun, despite the fact they can be very reluctant models. When we went on holiday earlier this month I spent a lot of time (and money) getting them some gorgeous pieces that I couldn’t wait to see on them.

Two such pieces were from the siblings range at Sunuva. I have only recently come across this gorgeous brand when a few bloggers I knew were writing about them, but when I was approached to try a couple of pieces I was really excited.

I love the concept of their siblings range – I do like to dress the children a little matchy sometimes, but being a boy and girl it can be hard to find nice things that work. These pieces fit the bill perfectly, in fact there is even a choice of items you could opt for. In the end I selected the cheesecloth dress for Miss H and the rash vest with swim shorts for Little J.

When the items arrived I knew straight away they were going to be a favourite whilst we were away. The cheesecloth dress is just gorgeous and I really do love the rash vest. All the pieces are white with grey and then neon yellow accents which look gorgeous in the sunshine.

Miss H wore her dress loads over the holiday, as it was so easy to just throw on over her swimming costume and looked dressy enough to wear in the restaurant at lunchtime or when walking about the resort. We got quite a few comments on what a lovely dress it is too.

Considering it is cotton fabric rather than a lycra or spandex, it didn’t hold onto the sand any more than a swimming costume does, we could simply shake it off. It was also hard wearing and there has been no damage despite all the outings it has had!

Little J’s outfit just looked so flipping cute together. He wore his down at the beach and it was ideal to  protect him from the harsh rays as this is one of many of Sunuva’s pieces which are UV protected above factor 50. The waistband on the short is adjustable which makes a big difference as I do find a lot of shorts don’t fit his waist very well. He seemed really comfortable in the whole outfit and kept requesting to wear the top over again.

These pieces are on the higher end of the price scale – the dress is £42 and the top and shorts are £39 and £38 respectively. I would suggest that they are pieces that will last you a long time and make an impact on those special trips and definitely worth investing alongside your regular purchases.

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