Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Sleep, I swear, it dominates my life. How much have I had? When can I get some more? Have I had too much? What is too much? I don’t want any more. I need more. There’s rarely a moment goes by that it does not cross my mind.

I’ve been told or advised so much about sleep over the last eighteen months. Sleep when you need it, it is your medicine. Don’t oversleep or that will make you worse. You shouldn’t sleep through the day, you should rest.

Generally I get around eight hours a night through the week and then two to three a day. Without this I am a wreck and on the days when the children aren’t in nursery I have to make sure I have plans where I can get help in order to have some rest, or I just can’t cope.

Today I’ve had a really tired day. I think it’s from Little J’s party at the weekend, and it’s hit me today. I took the children to nursery then went back to bed from 10am until 12pm. I had to set my alarm though otherwise I would have probably had three to four hours and I hate doing that. I feel like I’m sleeping my life away. But now I’m here at ten to five, dreading the nursery run and wishing I’d slept more whilst I could.

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I just do not know what is best at all. Have you any experience of this yourself? I’d love to hear how you manage your sleep.

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