Me & Mine May

Me & Mine May

This month has been pretty special for us as we spent a beautiful two weeks in Rhodes at the beginning and then the last few days saw our little man turn three. The holiday was amazing and really gave us all chance to be a family and enjoy each other’s company in a way that every day life doesn’t seem to have time for.

Miss H

My little lady absolutely adored being on holiday and cried when she knew we had to leave. She happily made lots of friends and went up to introduce herself without any fear at all. As a very quiet child myself I am keen to encourage her to be confident and friendly and it made me so proud to watch her interact with others. 
I know i am biased ever so slightly but my little lady is turning into a bit of a stunner. It does make me and her daddy a little anxious, as along with her four-nager attitude her teenage years are going to be interesting!

Little J

Our little guy is now three! It’s crazy, these years really do fly! It doesn’t seem like two minutes since he came into the world and yet as he was so keen to get moving, rolling at three months, he really didn’t feel like a baby for long at all.

This month we also had a visit from the dummy fairy – she comes to see us on third birthdays and collect the dummies to take to the babies. He has done so well so fa and for a child who was really attached to his dummy and would ask for it when he was upset or sneak upstairs to go get it, it hasn’t really been mentioned since. The dummy fairies left a Blaze and the Monster Machine car which they had to have specially shipped in from America, and it is a huge hit.

This month’s photo was taken on our holiday earlier in the month. It was actually taken on our last day as we waited for the coach to take us to the airport, which is crazy considering the amount of photos I take!

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