Little J is Three

Little J is Three

Today is the eve of my little boy’s birthday. The last day of his toddler days. Tomorrow he is three.

I can’t quite believe it has been three years. I know everyone says it but it really does go so fast, especially with your second. Those baby days seem like such a long time ago and we have come so far since then.

From a baby who cried a lot and hated being put down to a little boy who runs around like a lunatic, constantly throws himself off things he shouldn’t and always has a smile at the ready. He is a beam of light in our lives and definitely keeps us on our toes.

He absolutely adores his big sister, despite constantly winding her up and falling out with her. He always wants a little kiss should he bang himself, and then he’s back on his way. He loves a cuddle and there is nothing like his little arms wrapped around you. Bedtime can be a struggle, he often wants just one more kiss cuddle or a stroke of his face. Asking for a snuggle is his latest tactic and who can resist?

He absolutely adored our recent holiday and threw himself into the pool with the vigour and recklessness we’ve come to expect. He followed Miss H around, dancing with her or snuggling up to watch the ipad together. He fell asleep in his dinner on more than one occasion and was happily worn out each night.

He loves watching Blaze and the Monster Machines on the TV – it’s his latest obsession, but old favourite Octonauts is still in the running. He doesn’t have a particular teddy that he prefers, but his big blue blankie is still required for bedtime. He loves Jasper and will often sit and stroke him or throw his squeaky toy across the room. When he has sweeties he always saves one for mummy or daddy and if I ask him who his friends are he will say ‘everyone’.

He paddies quite regularly, especially if anyone grabs anything he wants. He can be very awkward when he wants – if things aren’t valid out the right way, his dummy isn’t clean or his bedsheets are twisted. But at the end of it all he wins us over with one of those cheeky smiles.

Happy birthday to my baby boy, we love you so very much.

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