Our Family Holiday To Greece

Our Family Holiday To Greece

If you follow me on any form of social media recently you would probably have noticed that we have been on holiday for the last two weeks. We spent a perfect fortnight in Kolymbia in Greece at the Rhodes Holiday Village and had an incredible time and a much-needed break.

We chose the Holiday Village after happening to come across it in one of the First Choice brochures and booked it nearly a year ago, last August. Since then I have been counting down the days until our trip, and in the last month have enjoyed buying us all new summer clothes, particularly the children.

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On May 2nd, after speaking at the Manchester conference, Blog On, Mr H and the children picked me up and we made our way to Manchester airport for our 5pm flight. It seemed to take forever, but we finally arrived at our hotel at 11pm that night and crashed down for the night.

Thank goodness for iPad’s!

Despite a late night Little J woke us up at 8am, and it was a delight to open up the shutters and peek out across our swim-up room to the beautiful pool beyond it. It was gloriously sunny and I couldn’t help but squeal with excitement – after months of counting down we were finally here!

After a breakfast with plenty of choice we spent the next few days relaxing by the various pools the complex had on offer. We also arranged for the children to attend Kid’s Club which meant from 10am-12pm every day they were entertained, giving us both a chance to unwind and recoup.

Whilst we were there Miss H decided she wanted to have some swimming lessons. I was really surprised at her enthusiasm as she’s not really keen on water on her face, but she absolutely adored them and by the end was swimming with nothing but a helpful hand from her instructor. Little J of course threw himself into the water at every opportunity but he also surprised us by swimming alone with just his Konfidence swim jacket on – Mr H was particularly impressed as he doesn’t get chance to see the children enjoy these type of activities much at home.

Although we were away for fourteen days, we didn’t venture out too much. However we did visited Rhodes Town one afternoon and enjoyed a seafood lunch followed by a stroll around the old town, which is beautiful. We also visited Tsambika Beach, known as being the best on the island. We all made the most of splashing in the sea and digging sand castles, which is not something we do much in the UK!

Overall it was a holiday I will remember for many years to come. Whilst we have holidayed with the children before, this one just felt different and more special. The children are at a great age where they can enjoy all there is on offer and mummy and daddy don’t have to constantly chase them around. We have all come home refreshed and invigorated, although slightly dampened by the British weather.

I think for me the best part of our holiday was watching the children with their daddy. Whilst I know how much they adore him, quite often because he works away they can shy away from him and prefer me to do things for them. After spending such dedicated time together, it was a joy to see the bonds between them strengthen and I often just watched them all splashing about and laughing together. It is those special moments that make you so grateful for everything you have.

Now to plan our next holiday!

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