5 Top Gadgets For The Home

5 Top Gadgets For The Home

In today’s society, gadgets and gizmo’s are all over the place. When I think back to my own childhood, I thought the SNES and having a TV/Video combo in my room was the edge of technology. Cut to twenty years later and my children are on iPad’s and watching Kinder eggs being opened on YouTube! With all this technology around it’s easy to get swamped down in it all, so today I’m picking my top five innovative products for the home.


1. Six months ago my husband bought me Apple TV and we love it! We are definitely an Apple household and this little addition means we can watch whatever we want from our Apple gadgets straight onto our screen. It’s great for showing our holiday snaps to family or sharing my YouTube videos on a larger platform.

2. Hive Active Heating has only recently come to the market, but it is certainly a step into a more intuitive house. With only a mobile app you can control your heating from home, meaning you can turn it on and off with just a tap an can help you save on your heating bills as well as being more ecologically friendly.

3. Ever since my in-laws bought the Dyson Animal Handheld Vacuum I have been coveting it myself. It has a boost mode for extra suction, its own little charge dock and of course is bagless. Perfect for those hard to reach spots, such as skirting boards and stairs as well as when you want to clean your car.

4. It took me a while to get around to buying myself an external charger but I use this almost daily now. Whilst not strictly reserved for the home, with so many devices needing charging it is perfect for plugging them in when there’s no free sockets nearby. I bought the RAVPower External Charger, which holds four charges, and it is one of my top gadgets.

5. Finally, a bit of a wishlist item would be a waterproof TV in the bathroom. Mr H adores his baths and ends up in there with YouTube blasting out of his phone, so this would definitely be his ideal piece of technology.

So there you have it! Do you have any top gadgets in your home, or on your wishlist?

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