Me & Mine April

Me & Mine April

April has come to an end and we are heading off to Rhodes to kick off May. We are all so excited for our holiday – it’s our first one as a family of four for a couple of years and this time we are in a hotel so everything will be taken care of for us. I’m hoping it will give us time to relax and regroup, as things are still pretty hard at home at the moment.

Miss H

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As much as my little lady has her moments, she is growing up so fast and is such a joy. She talks away like a grown up and we have full on conversations about all sorts. She has perfected a look of raising her eyebrows and widening those big eyes as if to say ‘oh come on mummy’ – a look I think she may have picked up from me.

She seems to have suddenly had a growth spurt as her legs seem so long. She’s definitely going to be taller than me, maybe catching up to her dad. Of course when asked she says she wants to be the same height as me.

This month we found out she has been accepted in our first choice of school, so soon we will be buying uniforms, making school visits and preparing our little girl to spread her wings a little as she makes those first steps through the school gates. It seems like only yesterday I held her as a tiny baby in our apartment in California.

Little J

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Our little man is becoming a little thug! We have taken to shaving his hair as it grows so fast, and he has a right little attitude to go with it. Barely a day goes by when he hasn’t thrown food on the floor, smeared yoghurt on a chair or smushed something into the carpet. He has no road sense, despite us constantly telling him, and I have to be so careful when I get him out of the car, and he has now started ‘roaring’ at us!

Nightimes are becoming an ordeal, as he is refusing to settle and screaming the house down every night. He has also been going through a stage of waking at 11 every night with what I think is night terrors. I’ve just bought a nightlight for his room and so far it seems to be doing the trick *fingers crossed*

This month’s photo was taken before we went to a Christening, so we are all dressed up and fancy. Unfortunately my camera battery had died so it literally had two minutes charge, meaning the shot had to be taken pretty fast! I don’t think we did too bad though.

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