Blog Babies

Blog Babies

Last week saw hundreds of us waiting up until midnight, constantly clicking refresh, awaiting some big news. A few of us sat on Twitter, chatting together, killing the time. For those of you who aren’t aware, it was the day when primary schools places were announced. Like many councils, our local results were revealed online just after midnight and as the minutes approached I began to get butterflies. Would we get a school we would be happy sending our first born to, or would we have to deal with appealing and the disappointment of a possible failure?

One by one the results filtered through and via Twitter and Facebook and shouts of happiness or disappointment were announced. We were fortunate to get the results we wanted, but not everyone was. Regardless of the sentiment though, we all came together to share in the moment.
It reminded me how much so many of us, as bloggers, have shared together over the years. A large proportion of those I chatted to last night I have known since Miss H was born, and since I began my blogging journey. We have shared our lives and our moments together – first smiles, laughs, teeth, sleepless nights, slept-through nights, weaning, potty training, returning to work or staying at home and every step in-between – and this was just another in a stream of many more memories we will share in the future.

These children of ours, our blog babies, have unknowingly grown up together through the medium of blogging, and as their parents we have found friendships and support within one another. I know myself I have found reassurance from others in the middle of the night when H was a baby and was screaming for hours, or when J fell out of his high chair and I didn’t know what to do. I have discussed how to stop my two fighting at every opportunity and when it has all just got too much there has always been someone out there who knows exactly how I feel. It is one of the many reasons I love blogging and get so much from it.

There are so many of us out there, but I just wanted to share a few who have journeyed the last four years alongside me, who have inspired me, helped me, advised and supported me and who I couldn’t have got through some moments without.

Katie from Mummy, Daddy & Me

We met online before ether of us started blogging and when we were both pregnant with our first born. Since then we have grown our blogs, met in real life and shared so many experiences. I particularly remember those early days after we had both had our c-sections, discussing how hard it was and supporting each other through each painful footstep and feeds.

Laura from My Life Unexpected, Angela from Mum of Three Musketeers, Vikki from Love From Mummy, Bex from The Mummy Adventure

This group of ladies all started blogging around the same time as me as we all had children born around the same age. We spent many, many hours chatting away on twitter about blogging, babies and anything that came to mind! I remember those days when I was still feeling my way around the blogging world with great fondness, thanks to these bloggers.

Lucy from Capture By Lucy

Again, Lucy started blogging around the same time as me, and since then her blog has really taken off. Whilst she isn’t primarily someone who blogs about her children, it has been an honour to watch her blog grow and she has inspired me time and again.

Leyla from This Day I Love

Leyla and I knew each other from our school days but it was through blogging we got back in touch. We both have children very similar in age and it has been so lovely to watch them grown up over the years.

Jennie at Edspire, Susanne at Ghostwriter Mummy and Heather from SAHM & Loving It

It was only after the tragic passing of Matilda Mae that I got to know this group of ladies, but I am so glad I have done. Since that moment we have cried, laughed and shared so much together I am proud to call them friends.

Tina at The Mother Geek, Jess at Catch A Single Thought, Jenny from Let’s Talk Mommy, Nicola from Life Through My Eyes

These ladies have become great friends in more recent years and they have all been a great source of friendship in different ways. We have met up, shared coffee together and realised we have friendships  both on and off the internet.

So this is just a little post to acknowledge our blog babies and how much they have brought to us through the years and how, together as blogging friends, we have watched each others’ grow. I can’t wait for the next steps into the school gates and all those moments after that.

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