Home Decor: Planning My Kitchen

Home Decor: Planning My Kitchen

Since we moved into our house just over two years ago we have been working our way through each room, filling in those magnolia walls and adding our own stamp. So far we’ve tackle the front room and Miss H’s bedroom and have gradually been adding bits here and there to the others.

One room I am really excited to bring to life is our kitchen. Originally I was going for a teal colour scheme but with yellow becoming popular recently, I decided that it was perfect for creating a beautiful sunny kitchen and with some pops here and there it wouldn’t be too intense.

1. I saw this Oliver Bonas vase ages ago and absolutely fell in love with it. Unfortunately it is no longer stocked and I am seriously kicking myself for not buying it there an then. So I am on the look out for something similar to hold my utensils.

2. I only saw this in Marks and Spencer’s a couple of weeks ago and snatched it up. It was only £15 and is a really retro fruit bowl. I’ve also noticed that this is out of stock at the moment, so it must be popular.

3. Once I decided on yellow I scoured Pinterest for some idea on how to bring it into the decor. When I saw this picture it came to me – stripes! I have painted some in Miss H’s room and thought a couple across the centre of one wall will really pull the room together.

4. I’m back and forth as to whether a yellow kettle might be a step too far, but I do love this Kenwood traditional kettle.

5. Unfortunately our kitchen didn’t come with a splash back, and this is something that definitely needs rectifying as there are marks all over the walls. I adore glass subway tiles, so when we get the money together I will be opting for a beige tone just to have something easy to keep clean and quite neutral.

6. This is similar to our kitchen with white cupboards and a brown worktop, definitely a great backdrop for that yellow splash!

7. Does anyone remember these Pyrex bowls from your childhood? I’m sure my mum or my nan had a few of these and I love them so much. They’d be such a lovely feature on my windowsill or the table.

8. I’ve only just come across these on Not On The High Street – how amazing are they?! Gorgeous utensil holders in a Polaroid shape, amazing!

9. When I saw this on Let’s Talk Mommy’s IG feed I knew it was just the cushion I’d been looking for. It’s from Tesco and for £8 it’s an absolute steal!

So those are my ideas for our kitchen, hopefully it will be ready for the summer sunshine soon!

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