Learning How To Be An Allergenic with Hotpoint & AO.Com

Learning How To Be An Allergenic with Hotpoint & AO.Com

Last week we ventured across the border to my home county of Yorkshire. We were invited by ao.com to attend an event held on behalf of National Allergy Week in Halifax.

I was really excited as I don’t often get to see the Yorkshire blogger crew and I was looking forward to a fun day. Nicola from Life Through My Eyes, who has been a friend for years now but I haven’t met for two years, was there and I was so excited to see her.

Nicola and I at our first ever meet and our recent one

I was also thrilled to meet Charlotte from Crumby Mummy who I have never met before. My sister came with us to lend a hand, which was a good job she did as we definitely need two pairs to manage the crafting!

AO.Com had set up a really fun day, starting with some crafts. The children really enjoyed making flowers, and the pom moms in particular went down really well. After some time J got a little fed up and decided to race the cars he had brought down some benches, but that was fine with me.

After our crafting fun the children took part in a dust hunt, trying to find where all the dust could be hiding and learning about keeping things clean. It was so much fun they did it twice, also having a turn with the Hotpoint Hoover that was being demonstrated.

Photo courtesy of ao.com
Finally the children played a few games whilst the mums were introduced to the anti-allergy products Hotpoint offer. Whilst we don’t particular suffer from allergies in our family, it was interesting to hear about how to help those that do.

After a lovely morning we were then escorted over to Eureka! Museum for some lunch and the opportunity to enjoy the museum too. As the sun was shining we all sat down for a picnic and a natter whilst the children enjoyed the sandpit, and it was so lovely to chat to friends.

For more information on the day, you can visit ao.com’s website which also features a video of all the children. Ao.com are also offering £20 off any large Hotpoint appliance purchased from April 20th until May 3rd, using the code HOTPOINT20.

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