Me & Mine March

Me & Mine March

It’s the end of March and already a quarter of the way through the year – how fast does time fly?! Only six weeks until our little guy is three and four short weeks to our family holiday to Greece, which was are all so excited for! So here’s this month’s update:

Miss H

I’ve said it before, this little lady is a madam. She is definitely the little girl with the little girl, apart from her hair is straight. When she is good she is an absolute delight, but when she is in a mood boy do we know it! She doesn’t handle tiredness all at all and if Little J doesn’t do as he’s told he tends to get a smack to the head. I don’t know where she gets it from…

She has been swimming since January and has taken to it so well. I actually went to watch her for the first time today (she goes with nursery) and for a girl who needs a flannel over her face in the bath I was so proud! She was jumping in then swimming to the side without so much as an eyelash batted, and when they all swam together she was often first to the other end and didn’t put her feet down well. It was a really special thing to watch and makes me even more excited for our holiday next month.

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Little J

This little guy is a handful, without a doubt! Always the one crawling into spaces he shouldn’t, throwing toys and tipping food over and then giving us his best cheeky smile, winning us all over.

He is doing so well with his potty training and is *almost* dry through the day. We even went out for the day today with no accidents. We are yet to tackle nighttime, but I’ll probably leave this until after our holiday as I don’t think he’s quite ready yet.

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This month’s photo was taken on Mother’s Day. We were visiting my parents and the children needed to get out for a bit so myself and Mr H took them in the street for a bit of footy. I look like an absolute midget next to them all, which is more the angle than my actual height (honest), but I still love to see us all together as a family.

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