A Goodbye

A Goodbye

I talk a lot about all the members of our family on this blog, that is apart from one. He has been a part of our family for seven years now and travelled across America with us, he is hyperactive, crazy and so lovable and has four little legs. Our crazy Jack Russell, Jasper.

Since the children came along our little pooch has taken quite a back seat in our house, to the point that we barely find time to give him the walks he loves so much. Because of that, two years ago we decided to get a dog walker. We lucked out when we found Nat – not only is she fully qualified and professional, she absolutely adores every pooch she comes across, without question.

Before she came along our little Jasper was a bit of an escape artist, even managing to scale a 6ft brick wall in the past! Since working with Nat we can now open the front door and let him wander around whilst we empty the car without fear that he’ll be on the main road in seconds. Nat helped us through Jasper being investigated for a possible tumour six months ago, which meant lots of visits to the vets, and she has even had him stay with her overnight, despite him scaring the crap out of her cats!

So when she told us that due to health issues of her own dog, she could no longer continue walking Jasper, we were gutted. In fact there were tears, from both myself and Nat! It probably sounds stupid to most people, but when you put your faith in someone with your precious pooch it really is hard to let them go. And Nat is just such a lovely lady I will miss seeing her every day when she comes to collect Jasper.

So this weekend we took a walk together over a lovely old colliery not far from where we live. There were small lakes, plenty of hills and swans, which Jasper decided to chase at one point! We were thankful to see the sun and it was lovely to spend some time out together, along with Jasper, as with my illness we don’t really do that a lot lately. Our little pooch, and our littlies, were all tired out by the end of it, but it was definitely a happy tired.

So this post is a little goodbye to a special lady who has worked wonders with our Jasper.

Photo courtesy of Nat

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