Happy Mother’s Day Mums

Happy Mother’s Day Mums

I’ve been a mum for over four years now and today I’m celebrating my fourth Mother’s Day. Four years. How did that happen? Where did that time go? I never believed my own mum when she told me time flies when you have children. Now I know the truth.

Today I saw an post on Facebook sharing portraits of new mums with their one day old babies, and it made me want to look back on photos of myself and the children. Naturally they are few and far between because firstly, I am the one behind the camera and secondly, I generally looked knackered and crap! But they were such amazing moments that I’m glad I managed to capture, as they were also so fleeting. Those first hugs, and moments of oh my goodness how do I do this? And every other single second of a million different thoughts and wonderings and breathing it all in as much as you possibly can.

So here they are, my babies and I.

Holly at one week old

Jack at one day old

It seems like only days sometimes that they were so small, and yet here they are – walking, talking, questioning, challenging and delighting every day. They are my babies, and they always will be.

Happy Mother’s Day Mums. Look at what you did.

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