Going Green At Home

Going Green At Home

Do you use LED lighting? Did you know that they can save you 80% of electrical power compared to a normal light bulb?

When we moved into our new home two years ago, many of the fittings already had LED bulbs in them. As the fittings we chose for our front room meant we would have ten, yes TEN, bulbs in one room alone we decided to opt for long-lasting and energy saving. And it seems to have worked as we are yet to change a bulb in there compared to the four we’ve had to change in our kitchen light before we switched to LED in there too.

Being the stay at home parent, I manage the bills and so it is my responsibility to ensure we spend as little as possible and get our savings together – a task that can be challenging with two growing children and a very hungry husband to feed! I am always searching websites for better deals and ways to save costs.

The people at LED Planet have put together this infographic below, which really puts into perspective how much could be saved if we all used LED bulbs.

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