Would You Choose A Compact Camera?

Would You Choose A Compact Camera?

As a blogger, photography is always an element that features heavily in my life and something that I am continuously trying to improve on. I mainly use my iPhone 5 for my photos as it is so handy just to whip it out of my pocket, but I also have a bridging camera that I take on trips out to try and capture those better quality shots. I have debated for some time about whether to try a compact camera as many of them now create images similar quality to a DSLR with all the many features they come with.

One of the models I have heard a lot about recently is the Panasonic Lumix CM1. This camera has a 20.1 MP camera, the ability to use it on full manual control and dubbed as a communication camera, you can take photos and videos, edit them and then upload them all on one camera.

For me this would be a great compromise between the iPhone and the bridge camera – the functionality of the latter without its bulk.

Have a look at this video below to see more about its features. What do you think – would you invest in a compact camera?

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