Where Should I Go On Holiday?

Where Should I Go On Holiday?

January is the time of year that everyone has had enough of the cold and rain and is craving the summer. It is also the time that most of us tend to book our summer holidays, giving us a date to aim towards when we can get away and enjoy guaranteed sunshine, swimming and laziness.

Holidaygems.co.uk have put together a short quiz which gives you some great ideas for where to go on holiday. We’ve actually already booked a holiday to Rhodes in May, but I thought it would be fun to see what came up as suggestions for us.

First of all I thought I’d have a look at holidays in August, which is when my birthday is, and see what came up.

After choosing your date, you can then select how hot you want it – these vary from cold (the little guy is in an ice block!), warm, hot to scorching. I picked hot. After that page you can choose how far you are willing to spend on a plane. The only problem with this I found is that the minimum you can fly is four hour – which means Spain, France, Italy and destinations under four hours travel are not available.

 Next you choose which activities you want to partake in on your holiday – for me this was the pool and some sightseeing.

Next you pick who you want to travel with, for us it was a family with young children, but there are five other options which opens up to most travellers – I would suggest having a single parent option though.

Once all that was completed your results are displayed. For my first try Skiathos came up for us, a small Greek island, which sounds like a lovely pace to visit which a huge range of things going on for every taste.

The second time I decided to see what came up for May, which is the month we are going away this year. I found it interesting that Zante came up, another Greek island. Clearly we are right booking to travel to Greece this year! I also like that there are suggestions for other locations you could try, in case you didn’t like the one chosen for you, or if you’ve already visited and wanted to try somewhere else.

If you’re not sure where you want to go this year, then do give this quiz a try. It literally takes a minute to complete and it’s interesting to see the results.

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