Me & Mine January

Me & Mine January

dear beautiful

So, it’s a new year and once more I’m going to attempt to join in Me and Mine every month. It’s such a great linky and I love seeing everyone’s posts at the end of the year with all their photos, so this year I will try my best to keep up!

Miss H

Our little lady turned four in December and we enjoyed a few days of celebrations, ending with a Frozen party which she loved. Over Christmas she has been up and down with her moods, I think all the festivities, late nights and continuous stimulation has all been a bit much at times.

We have just returned from a trip to Bluestone in Wales and she was so good the whole time, no tantrums and absolutely adored the six month little boy who came with us. In fact she told me she wanted a baby brother, don’t tell Mr H!

Little J

As always, our little man is a little treasure. Always ready with a giggle, although woe betide you if you catch him in a mood. We had a meltdown yesterday over getting dressed – fortunately I was going out so left Mr H to enjoy it!

I can’t believe he is three this year. He’s definitely no longer a baby, although he still has such a cute little voice and doesn’t pronounce everything properly yet, so I can tell myself he is for a little longer.

This month’s photo was taken on Boxing Day at my mums. We actually did a similar one last year, which I’ve posted below, it’s so interesting to look back and see where we’ve come.

2013’s photo

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