No More Toddler Tantrums – The Reader’s Thoughts

No More Toddler Tantrums – The Reader’s Thoughts

Last week I shared my tips for dealing with toddler tantrums and hopefully finding a way to manage them without losing your sanity along the way. Today I am sharing some advice from my readers, so read on for some more great tips!

1. I try to distract as much as possible. Mine mostly have tantrums when they are over tired or hungry, so allowing for this and trying to turn their attention away usually works – Becky Dickerson

2. The best way I have found to avoid tantrums from my three year old is to give him fair warning that a change is coming, like us having to go out when he is occupied playing. I tell him what is happening and that when I have counted to ten then he needs to stop what he is doing. Seems to work, I guess because he has time to process the instruction before he has to do it – Jessica McGlynn

3. During time out my daughter would throw herself backwards so I’d lay her on the floor when she started let her scream and shout for a minute then ask her whether she was finished. Sometimes she would carry on screaming other times she calmed but eventually she realised that she would be left there until she stopped – Sarah Anguish

4. Don’t give in or back down if the tantrum is because you’ve said no. Even if you are out. Others will understand, distract if you can but don’t give in – Clare Nicholas

5. Choose your battles. And don’t worry about what other people think when your toddler is having a tantrum – Gretta Schifano

6. I make sure they are safe and try and distract them. I have found that sitting down or crouching so you are eye level seems to work as you aren’t big and scary to them which can make them worse. Never give in either – Kara Guppy

7. Predict and prevent. If you know supermarkets are a trigger take distractions or give them 50p in a purse, wallet or bag to spend. Stops the demanding and occupies them as they hunt. It’s a great teaching opportunity too – Afra Willmore

8. Keep it light hearted. If you are stressed they will feed off of that energy, if you are relaxed they will find it easier to come back. We also ask if what they are doing is helping and then suggest a behaviour that will help, like stop screaming and telling us what it is that they want, we promise to listen but they have to speak nicely – Becky

9. ‏Distraction often works well for us. I start doing something ‘interesting’ and the tantrum often disappears offering limited choices (you can do this, and this will happen; or you can do this and this will happen) can work too – Spoon Paws

10. ‏Stick to your guns and DON’T give in to them. Different tantrums need different responses, sometimes distract, sometimes ignore – Luke

11. ‏ Distraction. We don’t use naughty step. It’s often frustration or tiredness that cause ours so punishment isn’t the way forward in my opinion. If the tantrum is very bad I allow them to calm first and then offer cuddles. They usually happen when they are tired – Michelle Crowther

Thank you so much to my readers for these tips, between these along with my previous post we now have 17 tips to aid us in battling those tantrums! Do you have anything to add yourself? Let me know below!

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