Four Years Old

Four Years Old

I am about a month late with this post, but back in December our little girl turned four. FOUR. Every parent says it, we hear it from our own parents, but I cannot believe how quickly these years pass by. The day she was born and those newborns days are still so firmly etched in my memory that I feel I can almost touch them, and yet here we are four years on.

So much has changed since those innocent days as new parents all that time ago. We are now parents to two little people and whilst we are not fumbling our way around quite as much back then, those tiny beings teach us something new every day.

Miss H will be in school next year and from then on I imagine she will grow up before our eyes. Even now she makes us laugh with her ways and how she copies our mannerisms, usually practising them on Little J. She definitely knows her own mind and we have to be quite firm with her otherwise she would be running rings around us.

I have slowly come to realise that what I once saw as clinginess is more a need for physical attention from me. Particularly if she’s been at nursery or maybe I’ve had a busy day on my computer, she seems to settle after cuddles with mummy. Whilst at times I can find this need exhausting I try to remind myself that it won’t last forever and a time will come when I will crave these days.

It is so amazing to watch the bond between my two grow all the time. They’ve gone from screaming almost every minute throughout every day, to playing together for hours at a time. In fact the latest thing is for Miss H to go into her brother’s room on a morning and entertain him whilst mummy drags herself out of bed. It has taken time for them to get to the point they are at now, but I am so grateful to be there. Whilst they have their moments, like any siblings do, it is such a vast improvement on a year ago.

Our little lady is definitely a girly girl right now. She’s not especially interested in dressing up, but if she has anything related to make-up she’s obsessed. Her most recent addition is roll-on glitter, which if I didn’t ration she would be constantly rolling all over her hands and arms. She also loves to colour and according to nursery, this is what she does most during her time there. Quite often she runs out, her arms full to bursting with papers containing various pieces of artwork and mummy has the pleasure of leafing through them deciding what is worthy of being put up on the fridge.

This year our lucky lady had three birthday celebrations – one with her grandparents, one on her actual birthday and then a party with her friends. By then time Christmas came a week later I think she thought presents every day was the new norm. By far the best day was her party, she was so excited that not only her ‘usual’ friends were coming (the children of our friends who she has grown up with) but also some of her friends from nursery too.

Here are a few photos we took during all the celebrations.

The traditional birthday visit to our local pub

All ready for the birthday girl

Frozen dolls, as requested
Cake made by mummy and Auntie L

On the slide with Auntie L

Trying the smaller slide

Waiting for a special guest


Singing Frozen

Beautiful birthday gal

So, whilst it is a few weeks late on my blog, Happy Birthday to our beautiful baby girl, love mummy, daddy and Little J!

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