Valentine’s 12 Years In

Valentine’s 12 Years In

It’s only mid-January and yet already people are talking about Valentine’s. Personally I’m still recovering from Christmas, yet I am seeing Cupid-related press releases and people pinning their little romantic hearts out with heart-shaped crafts, gifts and recipes.

Myself and Mr H right when it all began

I still remember my first Valentine’s with Mr H. We were 20 and 21 respectively and had been together for just short of a year. His friend worked at a flower shop and he bought me a beautiful bouquet, which I failed to remember to add water to and they died three days later. Oops.

Whilst I have always enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s Day and am one of those who complains about it every year, claiming it to be over-priced and over-hyped. For me it is an excuse to celebrate our relationship and take a day aside to remember how we got together and why we love each other. However twelve years later and we don’t tend to make such a big deal out of it as we used to.

There have been times in the past where we’ve gone for romantic meals or even a night away, Mr H has cooked and sprinkled rose petals everywhere. Now, however, with two small children we’re lucky to remember to light a candle these days before we collapse on the sofa ready for an episode of Homeland. Dead romantic.

These days Valentine’s is spent together, usually as a foursome, cherishing each other and celebrating our love as a family. This year we have no big plans, Mr H may surprise me with a little gift or a bunch of flowers and that will be enough. Who knows, we may even order some wine by post (Tesco’s have a great selection) to warm up our evening! 

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