Review: The Cosatto Story Bed

Review: The Cosatto Story Bed

For a couple of months now we have been using the Story bed, created by our friends over at Cosatto. After sharing our initial experience in the video below, today I wanted to update you on our thoughts and feelings after fully putting the bed to the test.

Initial Thoughts
I loved the bed from the first time I saw it at a Cosatto event. It is rare to find a cotbed that is anything other than white or wood, and with the option of red, yellow and the latest design in teal, I was immediately drawn to them. As Little J was two when we received the bed, he was too large to use it as a cot, however we could definitely put the bed part to the test.

In the Cosatto showroom

The bed can be set up in three ways – cot, cotbed with rails or toddler bed. It can also be used as a sofa once your child has outgrown it as the mattress has three different heights it can be set at, so it will last you for many years. We have it set up as a toddler bed, but have left one of the rails on as J is not quite ready for no support next to him.

It also comes with a drawer that fits underneath and is on wheels, which makes it really handy for pulling in and out and storing things like blankets, nappies and other accoutrements you need close to hand.

In addition, a changing table is provided, which sits on top of the cot and is a lovely extra touch. A great space saver instead of bulky changing tables.

We were sent the Robot design – bright yellow with a fun grey robot on either side of the head and base boards.

I have always loved bright colours for J and his bedding is turquoise so the two go together really well. You can always rely on Cosatto to introduce bright and bold into your world and this bed is definitely a statement piece in the room.

I also have to mention that over two months of use, which includes both children jumping and rolling around in it on many occasions and lots of bedtime stories, the yellow has not chipped at all and the robots are still complete.


J has been in a bed for six months and it had been an up and down journey. Whilst he would sleep from 7.30pm until sometimes 8am and even then not usually call me until going on 9am (yes I know, very lucky!), in his Ikea toddler bed inherited from Miss H he was waking at 6am or sometimes earlier. We put it down to age and thought nothing of it, until the Story arrived.

From the first night we realised that it must have been the mattress – he slept until 8am! Completely unheard of for the last few months. After laying in the bed myself for storytime, I realised how comfortable it was. The mattress we received from Cosatto was really firm and supportive, but still really comfortable. We left one side of the cot on so J still felt protected and on the other he has his bed rail to stop him falling out. 
Two months on and J still sleeps brilliantly. This morning I wasn’t shouted until 8.15am (although Miss H had other ideas!) which really shows how comfortable he finds his bed.

Any Negatives
There are only a couple of minor niggles for me. The first being that his Lindam bed rail doesn’t fit on properly and on occasion he has managed to push it from under the mattress in his sleep and then fallen out of bed. We have shoved it firmly under now and it seems to be staying so hopefully we have rectified this.
The other thing is that whilst I love the drawer underneath for storage, J is constantly pulling it out and it drives me crazy. For one thing he could trip over it when he climbs back into bed with it open, which is usually does, and also I don’t want him breaking it by standing all over it! I’m not quite sure how this could be fixed, maybe by making the draw a bit heavier.

I adore the Story bed and so does J. He sleeps brilliantly almost every night, which is a huge improvement, and it is such a stunning piece of furniture. It is solidly made and I have no qualms about the quality, and with three different ways it can be used it is so adaptable. The price is on the higher side, at £410, however as it is so versatile it will pay you back in the years it will be part of your family, as a functional and beautiful piece of furniture.

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*I was sent this in return for this review, however all opinions are my own.

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