Best Bits for 2014

Best Bits for 2014

This time last year I shared my most popular posts of the year, and I really enjoyed looking through what you, my readers, had appreciated the most. I decided to do the same again this year, so with the exclusion of giveaways and review posts, here are your top five of 2014.

5. Cancer & ME

This was such a hard post to write, and to read it back now brings tears to my eyes. We are still going through it with my dad and whilst he is still with us, he struggles daily.

4. Your Youtube #5

This October I decided to start a Youtube linky. Having been making videos for over a year I really threw myself into the vlogging world and wanted to create a place to bring us all together and grow the part vlogger community. I so am pleased at how many people have joined and whilst not the most popular with entries, week 5 was obviously one you enjoyed visiting!

3. BlogCamp 2014

I attended two BlogCamp days this year, with both being equally interesting and educating. In April I attended the first of the year with fellow blogger, Catherine, and we had a great day. It was also one of the conferences that really kicked up my vlogging gears with some great advise from Ruth Arnold and Sally Whittle.

2. Britmums Live 2014

It seems you enjoyed reading about my days at various conferences with two featured in the top five! This year was a tough one and it definitely reflected in my time at Britmums. Whilst I tried to remain optimistic and it certainly hasn’t dampened my blogging spirit, I found this, and many of the events I attended this year, to be totally overwhelming.

1. My Youtube Channel

I am absolutely delighted the my most clicked link this year, apart from giveaways (which of course will be very popular) is the link to my Youtube channel! If you aren’t aware, there is a section in my sidebar this way —–> where you can directly access my channel and my latest uploads. Thank you all so much for all your support for my videos, and expect to see lots more in the next twelve months!

So that’s it, my best bits for this year. It has certainly been an interesting one. I hope next year my life will calm down somewhat and retain a more even keel. We will see!

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