What Makes Our Perfect Holiday

What Makes Our Perfect Holiday

When I was growing up I was fortunate to go on holiday almost every year. We mostly visited Spain where my parents fell in love with a small fishing village there and eventually bought their own villa. But we also visited far-off destinations such as America, Australia and Singapore. We even travelled to Pakistan for a wedding when I was fifteen.

Mr H and I love to travel, and have also holidayed most years. However since the children were born this has more often been in the UK, usually to his parents’ caravan in Wales. We’ve been abroad a couple of times with the children and it has been a joy to spend quality time together and watch our two enjoy the sunshine and make the most of the experiences you can only have abroad.

So what makes a perfect family holiday for us? I have put together a video which will tell you in the best way we know how – by showing you!

*This is our application to become a Mark Warner Ambassador.

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