Protecting Our Children This Winter

Protecting Our Children This Winter

T’is the season for coughs and colds. I have already heard of so many families affected by illness already this year and that’s even before the real cold snap has hit us. With children starting school and nursery for the new term, viruses are brought into the family home and seem to go round and round in a never-ending cycle until we warm up in the Spring. One thing that we can help prevent is flu. This season sees the arrival of the flu vaccination for children, which is taken using a nasal spray and so is fuss and pain free.

Think of how you feel as an adult with flu – aches, pains, shivers, fever, vomiting. Now imagine how a child would feel with all these symptoms, but no understanding of why and how they can get through it. Surely it’s worth avoiding this if we can.

With this in mind CBeebies’ Dr Ranj has put together the video below on how to protect your child this winter. For more information you can also visit

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