Learning Phonics With The Alphablocks

Learning Phonics With The Alphablocks

Miss H is at the stage of learning letters and sounds and so I am trying to find ways to introduce these into our life at home, as it is something that will not be properly introduced into her education until she is at school next September. She is very keen to learn to write and often asks me to write words out for her so she can copy them. I often show her how to say each letter and she can often understand the names of her classmates from the letter it begins with.

Last month we were given the chance to try out the new Alphablocks Reading Program, which was great timing with this being part of our home time learning. I am not hugely great with keeping up education at home and often try to do more learning through play, but was keen to give this a try.

Alphablocks is a children’s TV program featured on CBeebies following the adventures of many letters and sounds who makes words come to life by joining together. It is a show that we have watched on and off but has also been recommended by H’s nursery as a great tool for learning phonics. We also have the app on my phone which H likes to try when she’s in the mood.

Miss H loves a good magazine so when the first pack arrived full of magazines, stickers, finger puppets and games her eyes lit up. In pack one you receive:

Magazines 1 to 5
166 stickers
8 flashcards
86 Alphablocks tiles
150 gold stars
4 Alphablocks games
Pencil case & pencil

We decided to try the magazine first, as H could barely contain herself. This is a program that needs to be overseen by an adult as it needs reading through for the child to complete properly. We took a quiet moment and sat at the table to work through the first few pages. H really enjoyed completing the letters and then completing the challenges set on each page. Her favourite part was when she completed each page and earned a sticker, she’s a sticker fan is my lady!

Even Little J enjoyed putting all the tiles together, then breaking them apart and whilst he isn’t at the stage for this program to be suitable for him, it was nice that there was a part of it to keep him amused whilst H worked through it.

It was also great to sit down and spend some time together as mummy and daughter and I felt proud as she completed the pages and understood what she was learning. It has definitely built her confidence in her letters and she repeatedly asks me to get out the magazine to go through some more.

There are three stages of the program, which will grow with your child as they develop their skills. The whole package costs £39.99 and in it you receive all this:

For the quality of the products and simply the amount you get, it is definitely worth investing in if this is something you and your child will enjoy. To find out more information go to the Alphablocks Reading Program website, and do come back in a few weeks when I will telling you all about the next stage.

*We received these FOC however all opinions are my own.

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