Me & Mine: November

Me & Mine: November

Ok, it’s a few months since I joined in with Me and Mine – I just never seem to get around to taking a family photo of us all, which is really the point of this linky! Well we managed to get one this month, so I am back again!

Miss H

Our little miss turns four in three short weeks. I cannot believe how fast these years are going, next September she will be starting school! I often think back to those early days when she was just born and it was often just me and her, those memories are so precious to me and when I look in her eyes they seem like only yesterday.

Miss H is so grown up sometimes it overwhelms me, and yet when it comes down to it she is such a softy. She is a mummy’s girl, and often runs to me when someone comes into the house, or just walks over for a quick kiss or cuddle mid-play. It’s very sweet, although there are days when it can be suffocating.

I know all parents think this of their children, but we are told over and over at nursery how bright she is. She can write most letters of the alphabet, complete 5+ puzzles and beats me every time at pairs! I am so proud of her. She has told me she is going to be an angel in this year’s Christmas play and I can’t wait to go watch her and her friends.

Little J

Oh how I adore my little man. It’s definitely true about mothers and their sons, but this little guy lights up every one around him with his cheeky grin and sunny nature. Although woe betide anyone who is around when he gets in a paddy, which have been quite frequent of late!

He has suddenly got into jigsaw puzzles himself and has surprised me with the speed he completes them. As a child who prefers to run around, smashing things in his wake (pretty much the photo above), he has surprised me with how long he has sat still with a puzzle.

He is still a little dink, and I suspect he has inherited mummy’s short genes (sorry, little man!), but he definitely lets himself be heard, especially when he wants an episode of Octonauts on the TV – his new obsession!

This month’s photo is not a staged one at all. Miss H has got a thing for group hugs recently and we are more than happy to oblige! My sister was around and managed to capture this one for us and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

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