A New Direction?

A New Direction?

This weekend I attended Blogfest, the blogger conference run by Mumsnet. I spent my time with some incredible and inspirational bloggers and had such a great time, laughing and chatting away, in fact we spent more time doing that then attending the sessions!

It also occurred to me whilst I there, although it’s come thing I’ve been aware of for a while, that my blog really doesn’t have much focus. I tend to write about anything and everything and I feel by doing that I’m maybe spreading my net too wide and that I need to have a rethink and try and be more focused on my subject matter.

Since I started three years ago I have blogged about a huge range of topics – parenting, playtime, depression, chronic fatigue, fashion, toys, travel, fundraising, blog events, gardening, health, crafts, home decor and the list goes on. As much as I want my blog to be a type of diary, but now I feel I have reached a bit of a ceiling on where I can go from here.

My first blog logo

So my question goes to you, my readers. What posts do you want to see from me? Are there any posts that you particularly enjoyed or that maybe you hated (although be gentle with that one)? Is there a direction you think my blog should be heading? I would love to have your input on the future of my blog and where you would love to see it go.

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