Review: Works of Heart

Review: Works of Heart

I love pictures and canvasses that display our lives, I especially love customised ones. I have purchased various wall art over the years and there are always pieces I look at as I roam around our house and make me smile.

When my friend, Minty, began her new venture Works Of Heart I was intrigued and when she asked me if I’d like her to create a piece for us I immediately said yes.

The idea behind Works Of Heart is to create pieces of artwork from your childrens’ drawings. She takes original sketches, doodles and pencil strokes and puts them together with her own additions to create a magical collage of mixed media that completes the vision of those little minds.

I sent Minty a drawing H had done which featured a little ‘self-portrait’ and one of her early attempts at writing her name. It wasn’t a particularly inspired image and I wondered what Minty would create with it.

Having seen Minty’s other pieces, though, I was really excited to see H’s complete. Minty is fantastic at taking sections of each child’s work and creating a final image that comes together as a lovely piece of artwork. Here are just a few examples of before and after shots:

Aren’t they fantastic?! Using various different media, Minty takes original drawings and adds her owns touches to create a really special piece of artwork.

So without further ado, here is Miss H’s final piece:

Minty admitted that she did struggle at first with this one as there wasn’t an immediate direction to take. But I absolutely love what she created. We recently finished Miss H’s bedroom and it is full of fairies, so Minty definitely chose the right theme for this piece! It is hard to tell from just a photograph, but the frame around H’s drawing is raised and there is lots of sparkle all around the fairies who hold it up. It really is beautiful.

It now sits pride of place on the side of H’s wardrobe, so it can be seen as soon as you walk in her bedroom.

Do go visit Minty’s Facebook page to see more examples of her fantastic work and some of her recent OOAK pieces.

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