To My Babies: 2014

To My Babies: 2014

Dear Miss H & Little J

For the last five days I have been away from you, which is the longest time I have spent away from either of you since you were born. Daddy was in charge and in between nursery and grandma you were looked after for me whilst I had a little break. We Facetime’d every night and you seemed happy and relaxed without mummy by your side. In fact it didn’t seem like you missed me at all, although daddy reassures me you did.

But it makes me think how much you have grown and changed since those seemingly long-ago baby days. At three and two years old you are becoming more independent every day. In fact daddy now tells me Miss H can reach most things on the kitchen worktops and you are opening the door under the stairs to help yourself to Play-Doh. Little J, you seem so much bigger than when I left you and your baby fat seems almost gone.

I walked in last night, well after bedtime, and came into your bedrooms for a little peek. I just stood for  moment watching you both sleeping peacefully, and breathed in your little person smell I had missed. I do wonder so much at what daddy and I created – we are so lucky.

Grandma always warned me how quickly time goes once you have children, and one day you will understand this yourselves. Whilst some days may seem long, the moments just fly by. When it only seems minutes since you were both born, those short years have changed so much. From it just being mummy and daddy, to three and then four, I couldn’t imagine you not being in our world.

So here’s a little request from mummy and daddy – slow down just a little. Let those happy moments appear in slow motion, those milestones be forever ingrained in our memories and your pre-school activities make us smile as we battle you as teenagers. These moments don’t last forever so we will try and make the most of them whilst they are here. And we will all always have this blog to look back on and remember what we got up to when you were little.

Love Mummy & Daddy

*Fairy understand how quickly these years pass by and their new #PowerOfSoft campaign is encouraging parents to make the most of every moment, and enjoy every cuddle they can. They have put together a lovely video which sums up how quickly time passes when you have children.

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