Review: Munchkin Bath Tea and Cupcake Set

Review: Munchkin Bath Tea and Cupcake Set

I met the lovely team at Munchkin when I attended Britmums in June. They were such a friendly bunch and I noticed they had been fantastic with all the pregnant ladies who stopped by, offering them seats and drinks if they needed it. I have owned quite a few Munchkin products before so when they asked if I’d like to try out one of the their new bath toys I of course said yes.

We were sent the Bath Tea and Cupcake Set to try, and considering Miss H’s love of Sofia the First, this set fit in really well with it’s purple teapot and cups, and looked just like what the princess would drink from.

Both the children love imaginative play and have a couple of play tea sets they use downstairs and outside for pretend play. Previously in the bath they have used the shells that come with the Finding Nemo Bath Toy we have as cups, or whatever beakers or pots make their way into the bathroom. So they were really pleased to have a proper teapot and cups to play with that was meant especially for the bath.

There are five pieces in the set – a teapot, two cups and two little cupcakes that squirt water. The children enjoy taking turns to pour water from the teapot into the cups and watching it strain through the little holes in the bottom. They try catching the drips, or keeping the cups filled up before all the water trickles through. They like to let the water strain over each others’ heads as well as having fun pretending to drink from the cups and often straight from the teapot!

The set is relatively straight forward – no little pieces and no fuss – and yet there is a surprising amount of different play you get from it. It retails at around £10 which seems fair to me, for any more money I would expect a couple more pieces, but for £10 it’s not bad at all.

It has now become their go-to toy in the bath, and they often disagree on who gets the teapot they love it that much! And it’s great for me as they just get on with it and don’t need much encouragement to play so I can sit next to them and relax. Until it’s time for getting washed – that’s a whole other story!

 *we were sent this set for free to review, however all opinions are my own

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