Review: Rockabilly Toothbrush

Review: Rockabilly Toothbrush

Brushing teeth has always been an important part of the children’s routine for me, however it has been met with many a battle. At firs the kids love it and think it is a great novelty, then you practically have to pin them down when that novelty wears off. As they get older they need encouraging to actually brush rather than suck the toothpaste off and this can be met with more challenges.

So it important that brush time is made as fun as possible. We have been giving the new Rockabilly Toothbrush a try and I am so pleased with it I will be buying one for J.

First of all I love it’s design, by Hamish Khayat. We chose the pink rock star with a cool diva on the front and in a hot pink, it’s ideal for my little lady. I also love the ergonomic design which is sleek and stylish and looks great stood at the side of the sink.

But that design is practical too. In fact these toothbrushes are made to stay stood up as they are weighted at the bottom. You can push it over flat and it will still pop back up to being upright. This adds even more fun for the children, but also means these toothbrushes are extra hygienic as they can’t be left laid on the floor, picking up germs and often being trodden on.

I also find an extra bonus that it means toothpaste isn’t being left allover my floors as it can be put on the brush and then left on without spilling everywhere.
H seems to love the brush and more than once J has tried to grab it from her. These brushes retail at £6.99 and because they come with four heads in total it actually can last a whole year before you need to buy a new one, which makes it a bargain!

*we were sent this product free for review, however all opinions are my own

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