Birthday-Versary 2014

Birthday-Versary 2014

Every year myself and Mr H try to do something on our to celebrate both my birthday and our wedding anniversary – which are on the same day. Sometimes it’s a weekend away, sometimes it’s just spending the day together quietly at home. This year we hadn’t planned anything in particular so when they day came we decided to have a quiet wander around the nearby village of Knutsford and then visit Tatton Park.

Beautiful Knutsford

I can’t do too much walking and the gardens at Tatton were quite enough for me, but the weather held out and it was a really lovely day. I even managed to peruse a crafty shop or two and, of course, make some purchases.

My purchases

It’s now been eight years since the day we took our vows and celebrated our special day in front of all of our family and friends. Several moves and two children later we are still going strong. I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for this man. Happy Anniversary to my darling husband. May we still be just as crazy in another eight years!

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