My Top Buys This Week

My Top Buys This Week

I am an avid Internet shopper, whilst I am battling M.E. it is a struggle to get out of the house and as a result I am often hitting the online high street instead. With apps like Instagram I get tons of inspiration and find lots of unique buys, as well as hunting websites myself. I thought I would share some of my recent buys, a lot of which I share on my IG account, so do take a look over there too.

The White Skirt

I have been looking for a long pleated white skirt for a while, ever since I saw the lovely Charlotte at Write Like Noone’s Watching wearing one. Unfortunately at my short stature it is hard to find a length that suits me so it took a couple of tries. This weekend it arrived – a gorgeous skirt from ASOS with a lovely sheer overlay that billows beautifully in the wind and flies down the stairs behind me. It is reduced to £26 and is actually classed as midi length, but it’s the perfect length on me and I loved wearing it for our anniversary day.

Smile For The Camera
It’s not a secret that I love taking photos. I am always the one behind the camera, and as a result my children are constantly being encouraged to ‘smile’, ‘say cheese’ or ‘look that way’. So it’s no surprise my little lady is becoming a real poser, and I do think she is a natural. So when I came across this t-shirt at Sainsbury’s, I had to get it. Her eyes lit up when she saw the camera on the front and when I asked her to model it, I captured this simple image while she was stood watching TV.

Fun Cards

I have been gathering some postcards and images ready for framing for H’s new bedroom. When I saw these cards, again in Sainsbury’s, I thought they be lovely framed for each children’s bedroom. I love finding random gems like these in places you wouldn’t normally expect.

Dear Tooth Fairy
When I saw these cute cushions in a little store in Knutsford I just couldn’t resist – I knew I would regret it if I did. Neither of mine are ready to use them as yet, but they will make lovely little decorations until the time comes for the fairies to visit.

Pineapple Tee

I saw this lovely little t-shirt in a post on IG and had to have one. It’s by Freshly Picked (the company with the amazing moccasins) and it’s so soft. I love bright colours and this fits the bill perfectly for my sunny boy!

So there are my top finds – what have you been buying recently?

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