Me & Mine: June & July

Me & Mine: June & July

Unfortunately I have fallen a little behind and so missed last month’s Me & Mine, so here is a double catch up of our activities!

Miss H

Our little lady is becoming more grown up by the day. She now has proper conversations with me and I sometimes feel I’m talking to a child much older than she actually is. She seems to have dropped all her baby-isms – the last one being ‘lellow’. Although I’ve encouraged her to overcome these milestones, it still makes me sad – soon she will be telling me she’s not going to say mummy anymore!

She has been helping me out a lot with Little J, who has become a right monkey, and has started responding to rewards so I think we are going to get a chart for her to help encourage the positive behaviour.

We have had the paddling pool out lately and she loves splashing about, although she is much more controlled in her play than Little J, and either role plays with her fairies or pours into various containers very carefully. She has also loved having ice creams and lollies whilst the hot weather has been around.

Earlier this month we went on holiday with some friends and she did so well sleeping in a strange bed, and enjoyed the beach and the kids club on an evening most of all. She got on well with everyone but we did learn that she needs her space when it all gets too much and so tried to let her have time on her own when she needed it.

Little J

This little man has become the bane of my life lately! He is such a little cutie he lulls us all into a false sense of security, but it seems the terrible twos has taken over the last few weeks and we’ve had hitting, throwing food and drinks, playing with overlooked dog poo, pulling up plants and major meltdowns – I am exhausted! I also think he is dropping his naps, so there goes mummy’s peace and quiet!

He is gradually learning his colours and next week will go into the Early Learners room at nursery where they will focus on this a lot more so I’m sure his learning will pick up pace. It does make me a little sad, as his speech improves and he grows so fast, to know my baby is no longer a baby anymore.

He stills gives everyone around him daily nervous breakdowns, as he throws himself head first into the paddling pool, climbs up the slide of the swing frame and throws himself onto fireman poles at the park. It’s a wonder we haven’t had a trip to A&E yet, but I’m sure they will be in our future with this adventurous little man!

June’s photo was taken on Father’s Day, so we are still in our PJ’s and it’s a little grainy, but it’s a happy family moment I wanted to capture:

July’s photo is from Mr H’s parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary. We all got dressed up and spent a lovely family day together. We actually had quite a few lovely photos from the day, but I think this is my favourite, all of us smiling and looking at the camera.

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