Creating an Amazing Home Cinema

Creating an Amazing Home Cinema

Mr H is a dreamer at heart. He plays the lottery every week and fills his head with what he would do if he won. Whilst for some people it is an occasional chat over a glass of wine, for him it’s a regular conversation. He is always on Rightmove searching out his dream house, and the favourites section is filled with mansions featuring games rooms, swimming pools, gyms, and the like. As a big film fan, one of his ambitions would be to have a home cinema.

Whilst the enormous screen and tiered seating might be a little out of the question for most of us, it’s actually fairly simple to create a scaled down home cinema. Here’s how…

The TV
You can’t have a home cinema without having a great TV. Watching action blockbusters on a tiny little TV just isn’t the same, so you need to make sure you get a good one. But it can be a bit of a minefield; just what do you go for? You could pick a 3D TV, 4K ultra high definition, the latest curved TVs, Smart TVs – the list goes on!

Have a look at some of the TVs HiSpek have available and read some of the reviews to see what people say about them before making your choice.

Surround Sound
One of the best things about going to the cinema is the ear-crushing surround sound. Whilst you may not be able to quite recreate that, having a decent sound system is vital if you want to get the most out of what you’re watching. You also need to remember that exactly where you place the speakers has an effect on the sound. Dolby have some excellent advice depending on the type of system you have. 

Blu-ray Player

DVDs aren’t exactly a thing of the past but Blu-rays are definitely the best way of watching your favourite films thanks to the improved clarity and sound they offer. Blu-ray players used to be quite pricey but they fallen in price a fair bit and can be picked up relatively cheaply these days.

A Decent Blu-ray Collection

Obviously if you’ve got a decent TV and sound system then you’ll need something to watch, so you’ll want to start to build up a decent Blu-ray collection. Brand new Blu-rays can be quite pricey but you can pick up some real bargains online now, and supermarkets also have some good deals. Any film or TV fan also needs a Netflix subscription – you’ll never be stuck for something to watch!

A Comfy Chair/Sofa
Tiered seating isn’t really a possibility at home (and why would you want it?) so a nice comfy chair or sofa in which to relax is a must. You obviously want to be as comfortable as possible whilst the film is on so you can fully enjoy what you’re watching.

A Mini Fridge
You don’t get these in real cinemas but you need somewhere to keep your drinks and snacks to devour during the film. One of these fridges will help keep everything cool and ensure that you won’t need to nip to the kitchen to get anything.

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