Five Summer Baby Photography Ideas

Five Summer Baby Photography Ideas

Many of us now are having professional photos done of our children and outdoor shoots are becoming more and more popular. With the summer season here, it is a great opportunity to use the elements of the season to get some really beautiful pictures that will help you remember those happy, sunny days. A summer photography session for babies is a great idea as there are loads of fun and sweet things you can do to make those snaps even better. Here’s some ideas together for doing just that to get you inspired for your shoot.

Using summery food and drinks for yummy snaps 

Capturing baby’s first taste of ice cream is always a funny experience as you will see them fall in love immediately…whilst making a complete mess, of course! Other foods like watermelons slices can make for some really sweet photos as they’ll look so little compared to the big fruit. You could even make baby-friendly mocktails and serve them in plastic cocktail glasses for the shoot! There are some fab child-friendly mocktail recipes here.

Outdoor fun and play for natural photos 

Summer is a time where your little ones will be making the most out of the great outdoors and will be having the time of their lives. Capture them when they’re having lots of fun and being natural; playing with summery toys like paddling pools and swings and slides. Natural photos are perfect for capturing true personalities and will serve as a life-long reminder of the things your little one adored when they were very teeny.

Lovely summer clothing and accessories 

Your little one will no doubt be spending the majority of the summer season strutting their stuff in…well…not very much really! Taking snaps of your little one as they lounge around in what they feel comfortable in, in the heat can be really sweet, as it’s the only time of life where you can feel completely comfortable in the bare minimum! Dressing them up in bathing suits and using other summery accessories like over-sized sunglasses, flip-flops and big, floppy hats can all make for some really cute snaps, too.

Using vintage props and scene setters for a different affect 

Your baby photographer will have lots of tricks up their sleeve, especially if you opt for a really good one like those employed by Venture. Great photographers will have access to lots of fun, vintage props such as lemonade stands which look really sweet and things like fishing props and scenes for your little one to be a part of.

Opting for the humour aspect with a summer twist 

Summer is all about fun, so why not go for funny pictures for your baby’s summer photo shoot? As briefly mentioned above, opting for things like over-sized sunnies can be really funny and sweet. Cute but funny fancy dress outfits are always great in the summer shoots, too. Two personal favourites of ours have to be this little mermaid baby outfit, and this baby shark outfit which would both make for some adorably funny photos!

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