Mums’ Time Out

Mums’ Time Out

It is easy when we are mums to get bogged down in the day to day life of being a busy parent, and forget about ourselves. Often this can lead us to feel we have lost our sense of self and feel left behind with nothing to feel is our own. It is therefore important for us to reclaim our own time back and do the things we enjoy, in order to be the best mum we can. But in this busy world and with tiny people hanging onto our skirts, this can seem an impossible task. Here are some suggestions to get the best out of your situation.
1. Have a bubble bath. In some ways so simple and so easy to do, but often we find ourselves having a quick shower when the little one naps or before the house wakes for the day. Taking an hour to yourself when you can to get out your scented candles, aromatic oils and bubbliest bubble bath and just have some time out from the world can be just what you need to return some sanity back to your day.

2. Have a girls’ night in. Send your other half out, invite your closest friend or two round and tell them to each bring something such as food or drink. Download a film or two and settle down for some good old girly chatter and laughter whilst you drool over Ryan Gosling, or whoever takes your fancy. Maybe even a flutter with some online bingo at Butlers Bingo for a bit of something different?

3. Have a girls’ night out. A night out doesn’t have to be a huge affair with lots of organising and the costs racking up on food and drinks. A trip to the cinema for a couple of hours can offer a change of scenery away from duty dishes and over-stuff laundry baskets. Or maybe even an evening walk around a local beauty spot can brush away the cobwebs.

4. Take yourself to the salon for an hour. Treat yourself and get pampered with none of the cleaning up that is required at home. Have your nails done, a relaxing massage or even just a wash and blow will make you feel refreshed and invigorated, ready to take on the world again.

5. Have a date night. Book a babysitter or ask a favour from a friend or family member and take yourself and whoever you choose to go out for the evening. Just an hour or two at a nearby restaurant or pub with some adult conversation and hopefully a smile or two can really save your sanity the next time you are pretending to be a monkey or blowing raspberries the next day.

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