Summer In Cornwall

Summer In Cornwall

Soon after last year’s holiday to Fuerteventura, my friends and Mr H and I decided to spend our summer holidays all together. With all of us having children under four we understand the ups and down of these young years and are there to give each other a hand, or a time out, as it is needed. When my friend came across St Ives Bay Holiday Park in Cornwall, it was quickly booked and anticipated in our calendar for 2014. I have to admit I was anxious about the 6-7 hour car journey down there, but looking forward to spending some time with friends, and some much-needed time as a family.

After staying over in Worcester on the way down, we arrived in St Ives around 4pm. We checked in and head to our chalet to unpack whilst the children explored their new surroundings. We then had a relaxed night, ready for the next day.

On our first day, we decided to head straight down to the beach whilst the sun was shining. The children loved digging sandcastles (or destroying them in J’s case) and walking down to the water with daddy. It did get a bit chilly when the clouds came over, but we all came back having caught some sun.

The second day was more overcast so we decided to visit to the pool. I didn’t get photos in there as they weren’t allowed, but safe to say they threw themselves into it with gusto. J is a little crazy and wanted to swim on his own, despite not being able to, and when we put him on the side to jump in he would run away from us and launch himself in! Cheeky little man!

We didn’t do too much off-site during our trip, managing the children kept us busy enough, but we did manage a visit to St Ives one day. It is a beautiful little town, very quaint with cobbled streets and the cute little vintage shops I love, although it does get very busy so I would advise getting there early and booking if you want to eat down there.

We then spent a lovely day just hanging around outside our chalets. We bought the children a paddling pool and they loved splashing about, running around and kept each other amused. My friend’s little boy and J are partners in crime and often their quietness can lull you unto a false sense of security.

The other children spent their time playing mummies and daddies, or doggies or kittens, whatever took their fancy and we actually managed to spend more than five minutes sat down enjoying the sun.

Our second day at the beach was hilarious. This time we sat near the dunes and J was in his element running up to the top then throwing himself down them. He didn’t even care when he got a face full of sand and just ran right back on up. The other children were slightly more calm and enjoyed playing in the sand together, but once they realised what fun rolling in the dunes were they all joined in.

We really enjoyed our week away and it definitely great for us to reconnect with a family. With Mr H working long hours and sometimes away, the children can find it hard to bond with him and so rely on me for most of their care. It was nice to see them running to daddy to kiss a scrape or read a bedtime story.

And Mr H and I really benefited from seeing each for more than an hour a day and have definitely returned home more in tune. The children thoroughly enjoyed having all their friends around them and now we are home it seems strange to only be us. After spending a week with six adults and six children aged four and under, our house seems very quiet! We had a lovely, if not tiring, time and the children absolutely loved every minute of it.

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