The Ideal Home Show Manchester

The Ideal Home Show Manchester

the Ideal Home Show Manchester

A couple of weeks ago my mum and I spent a lovely day together at The Ideal Home Show, courtesy of Dulux. Both of us have wanted to go for a few years and so it was a great opportunity as we both love homewards and decorating our homes!

It was a lovely day and really nice to spend some mother/daughter time without the little ones demanding all our attention. We both felt the show was really great, in fact there was so much more there than we expected.

the Ideal Home Show Manchester

The show was split into several areas – interiors, home improvements, garden, food, women, technology and shopping! Each area had its own colour, and areas were defined with the relevant colour on the carpet which really helped us figure out where we were (several times we ended up in the home improvements section and quickly made our escape!). We paid a visit to the Dulux stand, who were selling their new Bedroom in a Box concept. This great product enables you buy everything you need to decorate a bedroom – a gorgeous mural and coordinating paints – making the whole process so much simpler.

Dulux Bedroom In A Box Stand

The highlight of the day, apart from the beautiful displays and tempting products, was within the first ten minutes when we came upon George Clarke doing a camera interview. My jaw nearly hit the floor and it was all I could do to stop myself from squealing. We have both watched Renovation Man from the beginning and he is more than a little yummy – even more so in person! I’m not one for thrusting myself upon strangers, so didn’t ask for a photo, although of course I took a fair few from afar with my trusty iPhone! Even better was when we saw him another ten minutes later, literally inches from us chatting to someone, what more did we need??

Fantastic George Clark Rennovation Man

We really enjoyed browsing the interiors section of the show and there some lovely displays from Homesense, Next and Debenhams. I actually loved the BHS home display, I didn’t realise they did such nice things! The gorgeous little owl and fox cushions we so cute and as for that picnic set – wow!

BHS Homes and Interiors Display

We also visited the stage area where several people were talking, including Lauren Llewelyn Bowen, Melinda Messenger and Martin Lewis. Whilst the first two didn’t really do it for me, Martin Lewis was really interesting. He spoke for some times on the new ISA’s (NISA’s) that will be in place from July, and I made sure I took some notes from that session. He always has some great advice on tricks of the trade you wouldn’t have any idea about yourself, and was advising that whilst most people want Easy Access NISA’s, the best rate for those is 1.5%, whereas Coventry BS are offering a rate of 2.75% for 4 years fixed, however if you withdrew anytime after one year the interest you earn works out better. If you need more information on NISA’s Scottish Friendly has a great guide and video which will help answer all your questions.

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen
Martin Lewis MSE Speaker

After grabbing some lunch (which was delicious, but quite pricey), we took a stroll around the garden section and then visited the food part, where I came upon my favourite cheese-makers The Cheshire Cheese Company and grabbed a few blocks of my favourite of their cheeses.

All in all we had a lovely day at The Ideal Home Show and if you have the opportunity to go yourself I could highly recommend it. There is plenty to do to keep you busy for the day and a little celeb spotting too!

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