Bathtime With Cuddledry

Bathtime With Cuddledry

Funny Girl at Bathtime

Bathtime is one of both the children’s favourite times of day, but particularly J, who has always been a water baby. Whilst H can be a bit awkward with water over her face, J will happily splash, swim, soak himself and as we learnt on a recent trip to Wales, throw himself in the swimming pool without any thought!

Since the children grew out of their baby towels, many moons ago it now feels, we have used our own towels on them. However it can be a bit awkward and I often end up using two, and quite often am soaked myself as well as the bathroom floor.

The fantastic Cuddledry came to my rescue and offered me a towel each for the children and a Cuddletwist for H.

Cuddletwist Hair Towel Girl

I have known about Cuddledry for a while, but to be completely honest thought they were a bit pricey for a towel. I have to say I am definitely converted now.

Children In Bath Towels

We were sent the CuddleBug and the new CuddlePony to try out. They are both so cute, H loves parading around in both towels and posing. J took a little bit longer to get used to it being fastened at his neck, but now prances around ‘neighing’ after every bath!

The CuddleBug is pink with white polka dots and little bug ears on the head, which suited H perfectly.

Beautiful girl in bath towel

The CuddlePony is so flipping cute with ears, a tail and even a mane down the back!

Cuddlepony Bath Towel

They add so much fun to what can be a stressful time when the children don’t want to get out of the bath.

The towels are not only beautiful but completely practical too and really help at bathtime. Because they have a hood attached and a little press-stud at the neck, the children can stand up in the bath, I can wrap the towel around them and lift them out without getting soaked. They can then sit down, walk around or play unrestricted as they dry off.

Whereas our own towels can get a bit rough on the skin once they’ve been through the wash a few times, the natural bamboo and cotton fabric is so soft  I am not concerned at all of them being too harsh. I just wish they did all towels in such soft material!

Cuddledry put so much work and care into their products you really are buying into a quality brand. Whilst other towels may be less expensive, they will in no way stand up to these towels in calibre and longevity. It’s no surprise that they are multi-award winners and currently up for best bath time product and best towel in the Loved By Parents Awards. If I had one comment it was that I wish I had bought one of their apron towels when my two were babies – it would have been so helpful with getting them out of the bath with minimum trauma!

Cuddledry Apron Towel Baby

If you want to see more of Cuddledry’s product you can visit their website, or head to Facebook and Twitter to catch up with the chat. And if you love them like I do, make sure to vote for them!

*I was sent the towels for free, however all opinions are my own

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