Home Decor: The Dining Room

Home Decor: The Dining Room

Since we moved into our house just over 18 months ago I have gradually been working through my long list of projects. As it was a new build, every room was an empty box for me to have free reign in, however with those little things we call budgets, I am still battling through all the ideas I had right at the start.

I have shared a couple of my project plans, such as those for our living room and Miss H’s bedroom, both of which are works in progress, so I thought today I would share our plans for the dining room. Here’s a mood board from the things I pinned right at the start:

DIY Interior Ideas Dining Room

We actually have a kitchen/diner, but for this post I will focus just on the dining space. It isn’t a huge area, but it has a few functions – the main area for the children’s toy storage and where they play, our dining space, a second TV space and where Mr H plays his PS4. As the children grow bigger, so do the toys and despite feeling like we have tons of space, once more we are becoming overrun. I think it is time to do a huge clear out, but in the meantime this Trofast storage unit which I upcycled to fit in with our kitchen worktops, holds as much as we can cram into it.

Decoupage Childrens Toy Storage

We have now come by a large armchair that was Mr H’s sister’s and whilst it’s not in fantastic condition, it fits both children when they are having a snack and watching TV, I can rest my Mac on the arm meaning I can work and watch the children if they are outside, and Mr H has a comfy spot when he is having some time out on the PS4.

We have also added some pieces we have found that we love, such as this sign that Mr H received one Father’s Day and that we love, the lovely industrial clock and our wall decal, which sums us up perfectly.

Personalised Decal Wall Hanging

The problem, however, lies in our dining table. As you can see from the mood board above, I would something streamlined, classic and beautiful. But with two children and the other uses I need this space to have it’s just not going to happen. At the moment we have a six seater dark wood table and to be honest, it is rarely used and in the way. Ideally I feel a four seater that can be extended would be ideal for this space. We would have somewhere to eat and for the children to colour and create on, but more floor space for them to actually play.

I recently came across Rodgers of York and they have some beautiful tables. I think this table by Furniture Origins would work great in our space and the oak wood would certainly lighten the space.

However I know Mr H would prefer something more chunky, such as the Clemence Richard or Carlton Copeland!

There are quite a lot of selection from Rodgers of York and they also supply bedroom and living room furniture as well as floor coverings and soft furnishings, so they are definitely worth a look.

I also feel the walls are really bare, so eventually I would love to add a wallpaper to bring in some much-needed colour to the space. I think something with a stripe that can be rung horizontally around the room like a wide border would finish it off perfectly.

So there are my plans! We have a long way to go yet, so any tips on storage or multi-purpose rooms would be much appreciated! In the meantime I’ll leave you with an idea of how the room ends up on most days.

Messy dining room

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