Review: Creeper Crawlers

Review: Creeper Crawlers

When I was on the lookout for Britmums sponsors I knew I wanted to represent a brand who focuses on the customer and the quality of their products, someone who provides a personal and friendly service and values their customers. When Creeper Crawlers offered to help me out, I knew they were the ones who did just that.

Created by mum of two and Neurological Developmental Therapist, Ollwyn, the Creeper Crawlers suits provide traction and support to aid children with those first creeps into the world of travel! Made from 100% cotton, the crawl suits have grippable bugs all the way up the legs and on the feet, which promise to aid babies learning to crawl be successful and happy, particularly on wooden and tiled floors. Quite often babies drag themselves around those more slippy surfaces, but the bugs on the Creeper Crawlers suits help them to grip and so pull their knees up into a crawling position.

As I don’t have children of the relevant age anymore, one of my friends who has twins was happy to help me out! As her twins were slightly premature, it took them a bit longer to begin crawling, however once they did she definitely felt the suits helped them, particularly on her wooden floors. The suits gave her babies the confidence to make the leap from sitting to moving around successfully, and of course they looked cute in the process!

As Ollwyn herself says: “Most parents probably aren’t aware of the importance of crawling and how it impacts on development. I believe that so many of the difficulties that children experience, especially whilst at school, can be avoided if they can be encouraged to pass through the crawling stage of development. That is why I created Creeper Crawlers; making this essential progression easier, comfortable and safe!”

The suits are priced at €14.99, which is on the higher price end for a playsuit, but don’t forget this is not your basic suit – it is 100% cotton, has grippers on it, aids with your child’s development and is completely unique. For more information head to their website, or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

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