M.E. Six Months Down the Road

M.E. Six Months Down the Road

It has been six months since I was officially diagnosed with CFS/ME and back then I was at possibly my lowest with the illness. I was sleeping a lot, constantly exhausted, had no energy and was feeling emotionally a wreck. Mr H was having to take over all my responsibilities, my mum covering my slack and the children were getting too much for me to handle.

Six months ago

This morning before my six month review I was anxious – I know I’ve not been doing the relaxation like I should, partly from no time due to the children and partly because, to be frank, I just don’t like it. So I was expecting a telling off. 
Instead I was met with a cup of tea, smiles and reassurance. They retested me to see if my emotions and tiredness had improved and they have, my depression and anxiety symptoms have also reduced. Considering I have been battling this illness for over ten years they seemed pleased with such a difference in the short time I’ve been with them.
And for once I felt positive.
When you’re sat at home, the kids are screaming, your mums doing the washing and you’re not allowed to help and your husband is at the end of his tether with pressure from work and home, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. To actually sit down and gain some perspective and realise that things actually are improving makes me feel so much better.

Whilst at times it may not seem it, I am improving. I can do it. We can get there.

Thank goodness.


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