Baby J Turns Two!

Baby J Turns Two!

It is the eve of my little man’s second birthday and I am feeling a range of emotions. Excited for him to see the Fireman Sam trike we have bought him and I’m pretty sure he will love! Proud of the little boy he is becoming – he is so charming, cheeky and still just as cute as ever. And just a little bit sad that the baby days are officially over. He is no longer in a cot, he can feed himself, he is walking, talking and paddying like the two year old he almost is. Those days of midnight snuggles and just watching him and basking in that new-parent glow are gone.

But I am looking forward to what the next stage holds – terrible twos (although I think we are already there!), watching him expand on his speech and learn a whole host of new things, and the ever-growing bond he has with his big sister. He absolutely dotes on her and follows her around everywhere, obeying her little bossy commands. He has now gone from calling us all by one syllable names – Ma, Da, Hol – to our full names and every time he shouts mummy my heart melts. Well not so much at 5am, but for the most part!

So tomorrow Daddy will go into work just that little bit later so he can see his boy open his present and say happy birthday. After that myself, H and both Grandma’s and Pops will go for lunch where he will receive his Fireman Sam cake and then in the afternoon some of our friends will visit to celebrate. This year we are not doing anything huge, but it will be enough for our little man and I’m sure his smiles will be enough for us all.

And for now on he will no longer be Baby J, but Little J, with our little lady becoming Miss H.

So here’s Happy Birthday to my little hero, we love you lots.

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