The Finishing Touch

The Finishing Touch

We moved into our house eighteen months ago and were very fortunate to have saved up enough money to be able to treat ourselves to some new furniture. One of the main things we needed was a new sofa – at the time we had a dark brown L-shaped sofa and whilst we loved it, it simply wouldn’t fit into our new house.

We searched in many different stores, as you do, trying out sofas, um-ing and err-ing over patterns and styles and giving each the obligatory feet up, relaxing comfort test.

We knew we wanted a two seater and a three seater, as we had found with the one sofa we never had room when people came to visit. We also had to be conscious of the children and the inevitable marks that would appear, no matter how many times we told them ‘you don’t eat on the sofa’.

So of course what did I fall in love with, but a beige sofa?

As soon as I spotted the beauty in SCS I knew it was the one. Beige and duck-egg blue striped with a sort of shimmer to the fabric it was just what I had in mind. The arms arched out in true palatial French style, finished off with light wood feet, it complimented my shabby chic preference perfectly.

Mr H loved it too, although was slightly concerned with the colour. We did consider the alternatives, but they just didn’t have the same effect.

After a chat with the sales staff, who of course were keen for our business, we were offered Sofaguard protection which would cover us for five years in case of blackcurrant stains or even soot! It also meant that any structural issues we had would be repaired. We decided to go for it.

The buying process was pretty straightforward and our delivery date was set for the week after we completed on our house, giving us time to have the carpets fitted. I have to say that whilst I’ve heard many people complain about various sofa companies and their delivery times, we really had no problem with SCS. We were given a delivery date which was stuck to, and we were rung the day before to confirm there were no problems. The only issue was the driver finding our house, as it is on a new estate, but this issue I am still encountering eighteen months later!

So a year and a half down the line, how are our sofas faring? Pretty flippin’ well I have to say! Under the constant stress from our two and three year old which includes juice spills, jumping from and cushion wars, they have held up fantastically. They have witnessed many a DVD night, held my babies when they were ill or napping and provided comfort for myself and Mr H once the children are in bed and we can enjoy our evening.

The beige part of the design does show water marks quite easily, so I have to be careful what I use to clean them up with, but I find good old Vanish usually does the trick. I have them cleaned over Christmas just to freshen them up and I plan on doing this once a year.

The cushions are turned to keep their shape, although not all that regularly, and there isn’t any patches where they seem to be wearing thin. We do keep hearing the occasional creak after a particular vigorous jumping on Daddy session, but so far so good.

Overall we really do love our sofas and know we will cherish them for years to come. They fit our front room perfectly and hold enough room for the rare party we may throw. In fact next on our list is the foot stool which we never got around to buying but have decided will finish them off perfectly!

*This post is in association with SCS, however the words and opinions are completely my own

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